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KG’s Blog Post #85 – 12/3/10 1:53pm (GREAT STUFF from Bermuda!)


I have accomplished something new!!! For the first time since the accident, I have managed to play 4 straight days of golf. I am extremely happy that I managed to play all the rounds at Belmont [Gosling’s Invitational – see http://goslingsinvitational.com ], despite the fact that it is extremely hilly. My scores were not the best as the lies and shaky putting produced 76-76-71-76.  We golfers are never happy unless we actually win, so I am trying to convince myself that once I can actually work on my game, I may actually turn into a halfway decent golfer.

I did have some bolts of love from my leg, but we managed to get thru them.

I am still pretty pissed that I have not broken par yet, but I will have another chance next week @ Vero Beach grapefruit Pro Am. I sincerely believe that I will do it next week.

My stay @ the Sudbury Ranch has been wonderful. We are at the top of Lighthouse hill, overlooking the ocean. I must admit that my attempt to go in the ocean for a swim failed miserably. My one legged belly flop has not been recorded.

By the way, the new leg has worked really well, so I am encouraged by that progress also. The ladies at the Sudbury Ranch are annoyed at me, so I have decided to let them speak; from here on in it will be the voices of the psychotic females from the Sudbury Ranch:

“The most memorable moment during Ken’s play these last 4 days, was when he slipped, fell in a bunker, but he managed to hook it around a tree and hit it about 5 feet from 180 yards from his horizontal position in the bunker… ( we are still trying to get the sand out of his shorts ) ”

*Psycho 1*

“My favorite moment was Ken’s AMAZING shot on the 3rd day at the par 4 8th; the #1 handicap hole at Belmont. After taking a double and then a triple bogey the previous 2 rounds, he found himself in play off the tee, but in the rough on the right with an uphill lie, and blocked out by 3 tall palms to a severely elevated and multitiered green. Darron Swan (Ken’s caddie) and I thought the shot was ‘dead’, but not so per Ken. He lined up the shot and faded a brilliant strike around the palms and up to the back right tier of the green, hitting the flag and dropping it 3 feet from the pin for an ‘easy’ birdie. GOOD STUFF! He never gives up and is truly an inspiration… :-)  

After watching him play all week, I even managed to shoot an 83 with 25 putts in my weekly ladies’ tournament this morning! Maybe it’s rubbing off?? ;-)   (I hope??!)”

*Psycho 2*

I will admit that both those shots were insanely good – pure hands at work. The awkward stance & the fall – wish I knew was going to happen.  It’s easily in my top 5 of all time.

Be good my friends,


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

11-30-10, The Bermuda Royal Gazette – by Josh Ball
“Canadian Duo Set Early Pace At Gosling’s Golf Tournament”

11-29-10, Bernews: “Amputee Golfer in Goslings Invitational”
One of golf’s most colorful and inspiring personalities is in Bermuda for the Gosling Invitational. . .
3 COMMENTS POSTED his article:

11-29-10 11:31PM – BERMYGUY SAYS:
Truly an inspiration.

11-30-10 9:12AM – KIM SWAN [Ken’s Friend in Life] SAYS:
Ken Green is a courageous competitor who understands life’s ups and downs. He is serving as a role model to those who live with amputations, physical disabilities and persons like war vets and the many throughout the world who have fallen and are trying to pick themselves up and carry on.

Ken Green has been one of the greatest influences on my life and the friendship and love that he and his entire family showed to me since 1976 when we became college team and then roommates has always been truly appreciated and reciprocated.

Ken who has won 5 times on the PGA TOUR (Canadian Open, Milwaukee Open (2), Greensboro Open and The International)and was once 3rd on the PGA Tour Money List in 89′ is showing us the “Rocky Balboa Style ” strength of character to get up off of the life’s canvas; dust yourself off and move forward and make a difference. God be with you my BROTHER,

Kim Swan JP MP

12-1-10 4:28pm – KIM SWAN [Ken’s Friend in Life] SAYS:
Ken Green Shot 71 (1 over Par) in the 3rd round of the Gosling’s Invitational at Belmont Hills Newstead Resort (12 Pars, 3 birdies and 4 bogies).   Ken started off slow with three consecutive bogies on #2, #3 & #4 but settled down with pars before rattling of consecutive birdies on #7 & #8 making the turn 35 (+1).  Consistent play continued with Pars until he birdied the 13th but bogied the hilly #15 followed by all Pars to the clubhouse.

Well Done, Fierce Competitor !!!!!!


4 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #85 – 12/3/10 1:53pm (GREAT STUFF from Bermuda!)”

  1. Julie says:

    Ken I came across this article on Facebook through PING about a quadruple amputee Jeff Lewis ….AMAZING..


    Jeff’s website


    thought you and some of your fans might like to read it….

    Amazing the Human Spirit..

    Julie (Australia)

  2. N.G.Simon says:

    keep fighting,Ken,our thoughts and prayers are urging you ahead!

  3. Noem Puffett says:

    Congrats on a great performance in Bermuda. I want to hear more about your play which I will do when you are honored in Palm Beach in March. I will be there. That putter looks bizarre!

  4. Bob Griggs says:

    Ken, sounds like great progress is being made. Glad that you were able to play those four rounds. The scores weren’t what you were looking for, however, just being on the course for four rounds must have been good for your soul.

    I hope this note finds you well otherwise and preparing for the grandest of all the holidays.

    The Griggs in Greensboro

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