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KG’s Blog Post #87 – 1/28/11 10:09pm (Better Leg, Golf Channel, etc)


Well it’s a good day at the Munch farm. I have returned back to the home of my 3 favorite dogs after 4 days in Orlando. All 3 are sleeping peacefully as I type on my iPad sitting my lazy tail on my bed.

We have improved the leg to its best yet. I actually have some zip on the ball and can hit down on the ball with much more authority. Some of you may have seen me on the new morning show that Golf Channel has. I don’t want to rate my performance, but I do belief I was classic me. I also did a golf seminar with Jim Estes and a young Mr. Tim Lange, who is an amputee from the war. This man was an absolute pleasure to meet and I look forward to helping him improve in his golf game now that he is stricken with the bug.

For the first time I’m so happy that I have actually helped some amputees as my prosthetic is fitting my ideas to their legs, and they are seeing immediate results in their ability to hit the ball. There is no doubt in my mind that eventually a lot of amputees will be using these ideas in their legs. The good thing is that I’m not done trying to get more improvements. One of the only good things about losing my leg is that for the first time a really good and psychotic player is able to bring the reality of what must be done to try and mimic a golf swing to the prosthetic master Stan Patterson, and then he takes my thoughts and creates. We are Leonardo Dalostaleg. I prey we can continue to create. Now ‘cause I must I will.

I saw an interview with the good looking Susanne Petersen, who I’m sad to say I’m not sure where she is from, but one of those Swedish type joints. Anyway I was saddened to hear her critique the LPGA event where they are only going to play for charity but I think the money is official. She made the statement that we do enough for charity. She needs a good leg in the tail end. You can never do enough and she and pretty much all athletes have forgotten how lucky they are to be playing games and entertaining so many while making a damn good chunk of cash. That tour is hurting and they better pay attention or life on the links might not be so great.

Now for my thoughts on Westwood and Mcilroy playing tweet games and not playing the players. First, that is their choice which is fine. How they and their manager chubby did it was a disgrace to golf. Now you all know I can’t stand Finchem, but you should always respect golf and what it has done for you. Secondly, Westwood being #1 is even worse. That’s not even worth explaining. That’s like saying I know how to write.

I’m spitting out to much, so I say good day and all the best. I handled the one year

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anniversary of my son Hunter, Jan 22 pretty well, but it really does stink. All are still constantly on my mind and I will work hard to complete our duties on this planet.


= = = = = = = = = = = = SEE REPLAY (18min. AUDIO) BELOW!!

The Golf Channel – “Morning Drive”

Monday, Jan. 24, 2011


ORLANDO, Fla. – Monday at 7am kicks off a huge week 4 on “Morning Drive.” We hope you enjoy the show. Make sure to reach out to us during the show through Facebook, Twitter or email.

Guest Schedule…

7:45 a.m. – Ken Green, Champions Tour Pro (IN STUDIO)

Ken Green Interview *REPLAY*

=> http://www.thegolfchannel.com/golf-videos/-15084/?ref=26000

Audio: Morning Drive 1/24/11 – Ken Green Interview

Co-hosts Erik Kuselias & Gary Williams talk sports, politics and entertainment with the world’s most intriguing personalities and Holly Sonders provides updates…

“5-time PGA Tour winner Ken Green is in the Morning Drive studio to tell his amazing story about how a traffic accident took his girlfriend, his brother, his dog, and his leg, and about how he’s working to return to professional golf with the help of PGA Teaching Professional Jim Estes, who is also in the studio.”

4 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #87 – 1/28/11 10:09pm (Better Leg, Golf Channel, etc)”

  1. Bob Carbone says:


    I think you write very. It’s great that you are helping another amputee who wants to play better golf. This my friend is a testament to who you really are. I can’t wait when you raise the trophy as a winner of an official tour event. Better start practicing your winner’s speech. We don’t want you to do a Boehner (the crying speaker of the House of Reps.).
    Keep moving forward.


  2. J says:

    Did they have to brainwash you to sound so normal in your interview? *laughs* Well Done!!

  3. sandman says:

    Bravo Green machine…..keep up the good work !!!

  4. Jim Curley says:


    As an amputee golfer, and a physical therapist, I have been down the road you are traveling many times. I drive my prosthetist crazy as our fitting sessions take much longer than they should. I’m always tweaking things, but you know what, I think my expertise has helped him do a better job for others. And that’s what it’s all about.

    Keep up the good work. We need to get you out to one of the NAGA (National Amputee Golf Assn) tournaments held all year around the country. We have many war vets now involved and I think you would enjoy getting to know folks who have been through what you are now experiencing. Take care.

    Jim Curley, Downingtown, PA

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