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KG’s Blog Post #88 – 2/5/11 9:32pm (Ken’s Top 10 for Today)

Top 10

Boredom on Saturday causes delusion:

1- I can’t route for the Steelers because of Big Ben – he hasn’t owned up to what he has done to 2 young girls – he has altered their lives forever and now is treated like a hero by fans – I despise M Vick but at least he has faced the truth.

2- Simpson. Vick. Ray Lewis. Kobe Bryant. Tiger Woods.  Big Ben. Pete Rose. Rick Petino. Barry Bonds.  Mark Mcguire. Out of my head, 10 athletes who went nuts. Anyone Else?

3- My swing has gone south as the head gets worse – or I simply suck.

4- How do two guys with one real leg beat a professional athlete and a club champion? – the Canadian and gopher fans should mourn.

5- In my previous life I believe I was Lizzy Borden – how else do I explain taking so many whacks at something and never getting a slice of life. 

6- I’ve rolled a 279 and a 264 recently.   Damn I was o so close – win a tourn & roll a 300 would Pretty much complete my athletic comeback. Plus, three one legged hole in ones.

7- If you cross a duck with a penguin what would you get?

8- I have a new walk in shower with a bench so now I may not fall on my fat ass ‘cause it hurts.

9- If you practice chipping with just your left arm you will get better.

10- I’m hoping to see my friend and teacher Mr Kostis the first of march or so and let him fix the swing. I’m thinking 10 birds for me and 20 for Calc will be enough to get one goal down.

Take care and remember common sense and love conquers all.


3 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #88 – 2/5/11 9:32pm (Ken’s Top 10 for Today)”

  1. Chris Brion says:

    Hey Ken,

    2. Jason Williams…hired a hitman to kill off his wife I believe, Jose Canseco should definitely be on that list,
    6. Maybe you be joining the Senior PBA Tour with scores like that!!!! You could be the Deion Sanders of Senior sports. HA!
    7. Isn’t that a Canuck
    9. You just figured this out. C’mon man.

    I am glad to hear that the new leg is working out well. You are only gonna be able to lean on Calc, as he has blown up like a baloon, so he won’t be carrying you in the Legends! God Bless you Ken

  2. Vee says:

    Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame. #7. Duckpin?………# 5 You were Walter Hagen……#10 Would be Awesome…………..P.S. Send warm weather north !


  3. Chuck Almond says:

    Hi Ken,
    Great to hear from you! I saw the “Morning Drive” show and your interview on the GC. Congratultations, you did a great job! Best wishes to you and Calc in Savannah (I beleive?)

    Lets have a cold one or 2 when you have a few minutes to spare. I’ll meet you at the kennel club or whatever is conveneint for you.

    As always, best wishes, keep your focus.


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