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KG’s Blog Post #9 – 8/2/09 9:24pm

Good day America,

Bummed – just typed a whole blog and laptop went nuts – now i do it again – hopefully i will do a better blog than last one, as no responded.

I will open with a report on Mr. Stumpometer – he is still running too high – can only hope that price goes down.  i ask myself what would the obama govt do in such a position – i say the infamous clucker stump program – im in – get a pain free stump i say.

I’ve been in contact with the nurses from Hotel Missaleg – they were a beautiful group of nurses and made my stay alot easier.

Now on a twisted moment, i will leave u with a couple of jokes that a friend sent me…
1) Ken, great news on sign up with your new sponsor IHOP. Now, that’s a really cold one!
2) Did they take u in an ambulance to the hospital or a toe truck — nasty but good.

Be good everyone – I’ll be in touch,

10 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #9 – 8/2/09 9:24pm”

  1. Bob Carbone, Danbury, CT says:

    Ken, after doing some research I have discovered that there are many benefits to golfing with only one leg. Such things as qualifing for a handicaped cart and driving it anywhere on the course; getting a discount in the pro shop for socks and shoes; using the stump as a fourteenth club tailored to your needs; using an extension on your bad leg to retrieve balls; taking your leg off on the first tee to distract your opponent; raising your leg in victory when you win your next tournamant; storing drinks and extra stuff in a hollowed out portion of the leg; rubbing against a pretty girl in the grill room and having an excuse; carring a legal weapon for self-defense; betting extra that you can beat anyone with one leg tied behind your back; and, being the first professional golfer to win an event with a prosthetic leg, God willing, etc. etc.

    All kidding aside, I admire your attitude. Keep up the jokes. Laughter is good medicine.


    PS I wore the hat the last time I played and it saved me many strokes. Just think what a replica of the new leg would do.

  2. Jack 'the Nurse' Garamella says:

    To continue the sick humor which all your fans love you for:

    I am working on a new sponsorship for you – Long John Silver’s Restaurants. Get the parrot and be ready for work on Monday.

    Keep swimming

  3. package says:

    Hey Ernie, you know how to type??? Holy cow!!! hahaha…who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks…hahaha…I guess we will see if the saying is true as Green learns to get his weight through using the stump..Shouldn’t be a problem with all that weight..just get it going in the right direction – it wont stop by itself. I have a couple of hats too..didn’t help my game either…You and Vee should buy a nice graffite tennis racket..at least the both of you can hit it far enough to get over the net.


  4. Bigcat says:

    I can’t believe Ernie wrote to you!

    Got the hat. Haven’t signed up for facebook because I’m afraid of reading about my kids and who they may really be. I like ‘em the way I know them.

  5. Ernie says:

    Mr. Green,

    The humor is right up my alley. I have a few of my own beauts but just can’t bring myself to write them down.

    I bought a hat – put a ribbon on it – wore a green shirt and put on green socks to see if it would help my game – no need to let you know the negative results because I know you are smiling as you read this. Maybe I’ll have to try and find a pair of those ugly things you wear..

    Take care and keep up the good attitude.


  6. package says:

    Hello Pro…nice humor..was that Mr Sensitivity Ertz who gave you the IHOP joke? All is well up here..another rainy Sunday in CT. Dale Burgess won the Richter Park Club Championship. Howie second and Wad third…rain-shortened tourny to 3 rounds. Looking forward to 9/28 tourny and possibly a Nov. North/South War VIII battle. You might want to recruit a few extra players for your South team…the North has been keeping in great shape over the years and we’re ready for 3-a-day battles…I think even Ertz is jogging – more like running from his wife – and I’ve cut back my smoking to 2-packs/day except on weekends when I let it all out and smoke 3. We’ll bring the trophy from War VII down there with us. Looking forward to seeing old man Colonel too.


  7. peter thorpe says:

    Dear Ken,
    Hat’s arrived and already on display at Glasgow Golf Club.
    Summer in the UK/Scotland a complete wash-out, met office now announced it will not be a ‘barbecue summer’ as previously forecast!
    Jokes are good.
    Hope this finds you getting better.
    Best wishes,

  8. Norman Puffett says:

    Ken, you have always, always had tenacity, toughness, and the ability to overcome. This might be your biggest challenge, well, next to a six footer to win the senior open. It’s always going to be your attitude that keeps you in the game. No matter what the problem, you’ve come through; there is no OB for you. And this time, like other occasions in the past, you have to do it with, granted, a little help from your friends but mostly by yourself. In your particular case, I’ll bet on you. You will overcome, you will prevail. And when you are done with all of this crap and get back on the range – just like Tiger- chipping and putting, your life will begin to come back into focus. Your life will be back in your control. I pray for that day.

  9. Tom Batewell, (Fort Mill SC) says:

    Hey Ken….ouch, some friend you have! It’s all good, luckily you can laugh at yourself and accept them in the spirit in which they were sent. Fun watching the Buick Open this weekend, hard to believe it is the end of the run for WH’s and the Buick. Looks like a classic tree lined old style course. Was anyone gonna challenge Tiger…did you see Matt Bettencourt hit two OB on the 1st hole taking a 10! Wow I was feeling for him after a start like that.
    I ordered my 11 year old son, Ry a hat the other day…he is looking forward to getting it.
    Signed up for a Facebook account to keep up with your page there, imagine that….40 years old and just getting on Facebook. Still trying to figure the darn thing out.
    Hope some good days are ahead for you…………..

  10. Carroll Blackledge says:

    Ok. I’m loving the humor. Can’t wait to read them to Rachel! Have my hat and it is great! Now if it can just help me knock a couple of strokes off…!

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