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KG’s Blog Post #90 – 2/22/11 11:41pm (KG’s G-B-U, Foundation Near)

Hi all,

Well it’s match play week, so as I watched the good bad & ugly, I’ve come up with this interesting chart by Green…

NAME.            GOOD.             BAD.                 UGLY

Sam Snead.     Damn good player.     The inventor of the yip.       Nasty person

Bobby Jones.     Grand slam.       The worse temper ever.      Quit too young

Ben Hogan.   Today tech he might never miss a green   Monster yips too.   Not as nasty

Gary Player.   Golf inventor of conditioning.    Feud with Watson.     None

John Nawkins.    Speaks English.     Speaks about golf.    Speaks with no sense

Tim Rosaforte.    Got a Emmy on article on me.    Golf game.    Little full of himself

Golf Channel.    Enable golf junkies.   Kiss too many asses.   Never hired me

Ken Green.    Loyal to death.   Lost his brain.      You know all that

Calc.     Great hands.     Needs to shed some.   Married a bad one too

Deane Beman.    Tpc inventor.    Not honest.     Ping wiped him out

Tim Finchem.   Expansion of purses.   Not honest.    Ping & Martin beat him

Jack.   Today’s greens he’d have 28 majors.     Short game.    Loss of grandchild

Fred Couples.    Media loves him.    Putter stinks.    Blew too many chances

Greg Norman.    He was the 90 package.   10 pure choke.   Let too many get away

Tiger Woods.  Mental golf incredible.    Deceiving America.  Hosing his family

Barack Obama.   Speaks better than most.  Rev wright.   Spends out of control

Well, on an I’m pissed point – my leg has been absolutely screaming the last 5 days. It was doing so good too.   I’m just praying that these new treatments will kick in again. My 24/7 headaches still around & we’re still trying to figure it out.   Both at the same time are sending me straight to hell soon if things don’t change.

Be good my friends and I will let you know when we get all the Foundation paperwork done and it becomes official.
I have a great logo for us now.  Classic!!!!


3 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #90 – 2/22/11 11:41pm (KG’s G-B-U, Foundation Near)”

  1. N.G.Simon says:

    Hey! Not to worry! You and Calc still have to hook up and kick ass,soput all this behind you and go with God’s Blessings!! We know you can do it!!

  2. Brenda Roberts says:

    I like you, Ken Green. Your Good, Bad and Ugly was pretty good. What about Corey Pavin? I can’t decide which is #1 and #2 in my book, you or him.

  3. Vee says:

    Take it easy:
    It must be the northeast snow/cold driving you crazy.( as it is us ) You can’t go to hell, you are to brutally honest!( The Devil doesn’t want you anyway, I think he wants Finchem ! ) Hang in there Green, brighter days are ahead. We…..Us….your Fans ……Are Lucky to have you. So, show us how much you care. We do’nt care about the others.( not like you) We care about you! Don’t you ever give up on us !!!! EVER……….( and we know you won’t ) Let’s leave the rest to the ” Big Guy” in the sky. Still lookin forward to kickin your ass on the golf course of life……………….Love you man…..


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