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KG’s Blog Post #91 – 3/6/11 10:11pm (75-77 at Coors-Light/Ft.Meyers)

Coors Light Open,

Ouch! Another bolt of reality has slapped me in the face. I’m just back from Fort Myers and a Ronald Ross upside down saucer greens layout. The greens were just fantastic and they should be congratulated. The person who set the pins was clearly on to many pills, I’m guessing he got into my bag. I fired rounds of 75-77.

[ => http://www.marcoislandflorida.com/article/20110306/ENT10/103060415/Fast-greens-at-Coors-get-high-marks

KG: “I just have to be patient, which is not exactly my skill.  You just keep fighting. You yell and scream sometimes, and you shake it off. There’s still part of me that says I can do it. That’s the fight anybody who dreams about anything has.” ]

There is no way on Munch’s planet that I can play pro golf if I can’t get out there and play daily. I fell into the belief that I was playing better than I was. The reason was that what few rounds I’ve played were at my home course, Breakers. I simply get it around there fairly decent ‘cause I know the place better than I know how to breathe. It was a good lesson learned and one I should have known. I also fell into the “u guys” trap and that was trying to hit shots that are simply not logical at this time or that I cannot hit. I need to stick to the basics for what I have.

Calc is gonna have to play a little harder, my theory of giving him 5 birds a day might be down to one a week. I’m kidding, but it’s gonna be hard. I still have good vibes for some reason though.

I just wanted to write a quick update on my golf and must go back and drown my sorrows in some licks from the 3 dopes who love me regardless. Even though I’ve been treating them poorly as of late as they seem to be my scream pillows, ‘cause my headaches refuse to go away.

The paperwork has been started on my Foundation, and as soon as I get the logo done and some shirts in I will let you know how you can all help out and join us in helping out the 4-legged wonders that people abandon.

Be good,


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  1. Brenda Roberts says:

    I will be waiting to hear about the Foundation.

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