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KG’s Blog Post #93 – 3/15/11 12:43am (74/Sunbelt, Working on Game)


It has been brought to my attention that I don’t talk enough about my personal self. So with that, I shall mention that I bowled like a pig with hemorrhoids. 181-159-213. Then I ate some swordfish that was really good. However, soon after I sent all the fish and what else I had straight to the bucket of ugly.

Now that I’m stilling spinning, I will mention that I played another event this week on the Sunbelt Senior Mini Tour [Space Coast Senior Open, Mar13-15, Duran Golf Club, Viera, FL http://www.sunbeltseniortour.com ]. I need to play more and other courses as much as I can before Calc and I go slap it around.  I did finish one round & shot 74, which is about the norm at the moment.  I just don’t get enough spin on the ball & it’s hard to make birdies from 25 feet.  Just something I need to figure out. But, I do believe it’s due to the weak left ankle which is still bad from the accident. Hard to fathom. 

The leg has taken a turn for the worse so, along with the 24 hour headaches, it’s seems impossible to improve.  Another thing to figure out.   

I’m surprised that no one has wondered how much the Golf Channel will change with its new bosses at the helm. NBC is insanely liberal so it will be interesting to see what happens. Also, it will be sad when in 15-20 from now all the CEO’s of the futures get out of golf, and the Tour will be in trouble if they don’t start thinking ahead.

Will keep you posted as I’m also playing in a ProAm, which will be my 1st round with a Canadian legend, Red Sox lover, and a Brady lover.  I’m gonna work on the putter this week, by the way.

Be good fellow humans,


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  1. Rich Meador says:

    Question for Ken Green: A 14 year old boy has a below left knee prothesis (pipe foot with rotator). The stump extends 2.5 inches below his left knee cap so he can freely bend his knee but may need a leather corset around his left thigh for stability and/or to avoid hyper-extending his knee. Do you recommend that he learn to play golf left handed or right handed? It seems there are advantages and disadvantages for each case. Also, have you considered playing left handed?

    Please comment. Thanks very much,
    Rich Meador

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