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KG’s Blog Post #94 – 3/23/11 10:10pm (10 Suggestions for Golf Courses)

I’m having a rough day so I’m trying to keep from feeling the ugly. So, I’ve come up with 10 ideas that might be good for clubs to consider if they are really trying to make the game more enjoyable for adults and kids.

1) A public course that uses the first tee only should allow one hour of free tee times for any parent who brings their child to play 9 holes on the back side.   No brainer.

2) Any child who is still a 18 or higher hdcp should tee up every ball so it will produce better shots which will produce confidence which will keep him in the game.

3) Golf courses should put 2 holes in every green twice a week and allow them To go for any pin which will speed up play, improve one’s scores which increases fun, and keep people in the game.

4) All private clubs should have 4 honorary memberships which they give to young men & women who have lost limbs in the service of our country. I’m not downplaying other injuries, but that’s a tough one and these young men are just really good people.

5) The individuals who are now running the private clubs have forgotten what golf is all about, and too many clubs are refusing to have local golf events at their place for, heaven forbid, they wouldn’t have a place to play for one day.  Schools, charity, & kids are treated like a Muslim-Catholic on speed.

6) It disgusts me that the Augusta’s, Cypress Point’s, Seminole’s and other how-do-u-do joints don’t have a raffle every year where 50 people get to play a fantastic course that they will never be able to play.  Charity wins, and a dream comes true.

7) Once a month the hole should be doubled in size just so people can have a round they might never otherwise have.

8. USGA, PGA, PGA tour, Tiger, Phil, and any other stupid rich group who says they care about golf should own at least one 9-hole course where you can only play if a child is playing too – free of charge. I don’t have to even give the benefits.

9) I think that some holders need to swallow their pride and move up a tee – they stink and certainly would enjoy it more if they score better – I moved up!

10) I can’t give you the 10th, because if I do you may never read my blogs again.

Well, I’ve given you some thoughts and my body is still pissing me off. Hard to believe I’m physically worse right now than I was a year ago. However, this boat will hit the bottom soon enough and then we can Greeniver my way up.

Be good my friends,


3 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #94 – 3/23/11 10:10pm (10 Suggestions for Golf Courses)”

  1. Brenda Roberts says:

    oh, crimany, now the 10th has me so CURIOUS!

  2. Ken sorry you are having a tough time. We are looking forward to your visit to Savannah for the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf. If you or Calc need anything let me know. I don’t think there is a question you could ask me that I can’t answer. We appreciate you being here and we want you to have a good time and play some great golf! We are all pulling for your team!!


  3. Jim Curley says:


    Sounds like you having a great day, maybe. We need more Pro’s like you to lose legs and really see the game from a different perspective, that has obviously happened to you. I don’t really want people to lose legs, but I did, and so did you, and we get to see the game for what it is. Your 10 suggestions to improve the game are right on. Bummed I only got to read 9 of them, but I understand.

    It sucks you can’t get rid of that pain. Sounds like you have good people working on your behalf, so hopefully, that’s not the problem (remember, I’m a PT as well). Anyway, I really do hope you get better. It’s an easy game when your leg doesn’t hurt like a SOB, at least much more enjoyable. Have a good day.

    Jim Curley, PT

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