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KG’s Blog Post #95 – 3/31/11 2:35am (KG in PBC-Hall/Fame, KG’s Top5’s)

Well, it’s a wee early in the morning and the 3 dopes are sleeping well on my bed,  Munch, Dream and Knight – those little weasels brains simply know how to sleep. I’m guessing it’s because they have a beautiful Father and no stress. I simply don’t have a dad at the moment and stress is wowsy.

I played the other day and actually hit some quality shots. I’m going through my key points from Peter Kostis and it was good for once-a-week one-legged shank king. I just was honored by the Palm Beach Sports Association and elected into the Hall of Fame – it’s a good feeling to be noted.

[see 3-26-11: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/golf/golfer-ken-green-will-join-palm-beach-county-1350510.html ]

I’m watching HBO – Gumble and they are talking about NCAA athletes. One idea that should be considered is simple: if the school makes a profit in a sport, the college would take a % of their profits, say 20%, divide it equally, and put it into a retirement account. Upon graduations, they add a fifth year of money. Just a thought.

On a completely side note, I’m a pure dope cause I can’t figure out how the mind of some women think. I’m just in a different world I guess and am baffled at how hard this is. My brain is on stupid mode…


5 Best putters ever: Jack  Tiger  Watson  Crenshaw   Locke

5 Best difficult shot short game(sand&chipping): Seve Phil Tiger Me Azinger

5 Best Ball strikers: Hogan  Lwadkins  Miller  Jack  Snead

5 Underrated:   LNelson Fzoeller Casper  Peete  Levi

5 Overrated:   Couples  Cink  Norman  Montgomery  Langer

5 Just nice:  Els  Langer  Fuzzy   Mize  Jack

5 Wee bit temper goons:  Me  Calc   Azinger  Wadkins  Bolt

5 Not so nice to play with:  Monty Seve  Daly  Langer  Faldo

They are not in order and I’m clearly saying that they are all better than me, so I hope they don’t take it wrong if they see it. But if they do see it, they need to find a new life, don’t read me.

Well, not exactly a huge time consumer, so I’m gonna say this: On putts inside 7 ft., I suggest that u see your line and then do not look at the ball, but pick out a piece of grass and look at that, and simply make that ball roll over that spot. If you do this you will putt better from that distance and in.  It keeps you from seeing a bad stroke, and keeps you totally focused on that spot and whether the ball will roll over that spot.  If this works for any of you, can donate something to my Dog Foundation – when we get the damn paper work back I’ll let you.        

With the Masters coming up I want you guys to know that they are televising the Par3 event, and I can say I have the tag of being the 1st to my kids out to caddy in the Par3 – they even put a letter in my locker saying that this was “not acceptable here at Augusta”.  Now, they make outfits for them.   I also was the creator of the skip shot on 16 – I got a letter for that too. Hord Hardin was a jerk of the ultimate level.  They were so above the average guy, it’s scary, and sad they have only improved a little.  I could write a short book on the antics I’ve had at the Masters, which by the way, I love the tournament, just not the powers that be. 

Take care My Friends,


4 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #95 – 3/31/11 2:35am (KG in PBC-Hall/Fame, KG’s Top5’s)”

  1. Chris Brion says:


    Well get to writing that book my man. I, for one, would love to read a behind the scenes of what goes on at Augusta. It figures that you started a bunch of the stuff that the fans really love, but the bigwigs only think it is a good idea if they have it. You could bring in Mc Cord to jam out a few chapters if you don’t enough fluff to finish the book yourself.

  2. Vee says says:

    I may have some of these “antics” on video ! But I always thought, Hord loved you.

  3. Charlie Heyman says:

    So good to see you are out there fighting! Are you going to be at The Legends in Savannah this year? I am living in Beaufort, SC now and would love to cone see you!
    Charlie Heyman

  4. Hanne says:

    If you can’t figure it out…Try asking <3

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