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KG’s Blog Post #96 – 4/2/11 10:20pm (My Top5 Golf Shots)

So, after my brilliant points of useless thoughts, it was suggested I rattle off my Top5 golf shots I’ve hit in my pro impersonation of a golfer. So, here they are…

#1: 208 yards to carry the 2nd tier at the Belfry in the ‘89 Ryder Cup match on the 18th hole against Jose Maria Canizares. 212 to the pin. We were even and I had my clique out. Monster nerves were ripping through my body, but I hit it perfect, high and right at it! It flew 207 1/2 and should have taken one hop and been stoney. It went straight up and somehow went backwards where I ended up with a 75 foot nightmare. I fired my first putt past about 12 feet and missed to lose the hole. To this day I don’t understand how this ended up on the wrong side of damn it. I will never forget Tom Kite saying right after I hit it that it was an unbelievable shot under the situation. 

#2: Canadian open, 3rd round at Glen Abby – the last hole is a par5 with a stupid tiny green. I had 235 to the front and 250 to the hole. It’s straight over water and I pulled out driver (which was dumb as dumb) this was back when it was very hard to hit driver off the deck. I hit it perfect and somehow got it really high in the air which was weird for me. It landed soft and on the green – birdie and I won the event.

#3: The 16th at the International on Sunday and I was tied for the lead and again spitting out dry hair balls. I flushed a 6-iron to about 12 feet and made the putt and birdied the next hole to win.

#4: This next one was not in a tournament but it was scary good. The 18th hole at Ridgewood is a par5 and I hit my drive into the fairway bunker. I elected to hit driver out of the bunker and hit it on the green from 255 yards out. It was just awesome.

#5: This next one is not even on the golf course and was way back in the early 80’s when we had persimmon drivers. My friends and I had just come out of the El Dorado bar, and yes we were a tad above the limit. I pulled out my Louis Suggs driver and put a ball on 2 quarters and aimed it at the brick warehouse about 200 out. I hit an absolute bullet and did not hit the pavement! Pure ball, on top of that the game was to hit the warehouse and get the ball to comeback. The ball came right back to me. I’ve been known has a good fairway wood player back then and I promise you at that time or now there is only one other who could have pulled that off.

Well, those are the 5 shots that stand out for me in my world known has Green.

Be good my friends,


4 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #96 – 4/2/11 10:20pm (My Top5 Golf Shots)”

  1. Ken

    I’m not sure you remember, because you were again, over the limit. After your T-7 at the US Open at Oakland Hills, you and Weidaman came to my house. You were hitting wedges off of my lawn at a neighbor’s flower pot about 80 yards away:) Now that was a shot!!!!

  2. Bob Carbone says:


    Would you like to hear about my best 5 golf shots. I didn’t think so, but hear is a small taste. I was 150 yds out on the 18th at Ridgewood. Needed par to win the match. I pushed a 7 iron right, hit the clubhouse. It bounced off the canapy, onto the cart path, and took a hop right onto the green, some 10 feet away. I two putted for par and the win.
    And this wasn’t even my best shot of the five.

    Best regards,


  3. Vee says:

    I have shot # 3 on tape, without a doubt, THEE BEST SHOT HIT THAT DAY! ( you hit many good ones that week. ) After the ball came back off the wall on shot # 5, I believe I picked up, and still have those 2 Quarters LOL. The bunker on 18 at ridgewood is gone now, but that had to be a doozy!

  4. Colonel says:

    KG, I still like that drilled 3iron at #17 at HarborTown into about a 40mph wind – it never got over 12 ft. off the ground, I swear it. Never left the hole, finished 3 ft – even though you missed the little slider – didn’t matter – it’s a Shot I’ll never forget. I had a perfect vantage point – right beside you on the Tee – caddying If I recall!

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