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KG’s Blog Post #97 – 4/5/11 1:52am (2 Classic Hotel Shots; Savannah Looms)

Ok, I was getting ready to start telling you about my 5 best shots hit out of windows. But first a little diversion, as I just read an article which is similar to others I’ve read recently: we can thank tiger for giving us such great athletes! Bull flocking pork timbers! I’m constantly hearing these guys are in such good shape and are just great athletes. Guys, any moron on the planet can get themselves in shape and look like Adonis himself. That has nothing to do with your skills on a golf course.

The other common point thrown out on TV is that we have so many great athletes out here and we can thank tiger. Another crock of goose liver grind. There are two things you need to play Great golf: Tremendous hand-eye coordination and good eyes. Period.

I’m here to tell you that I think we have a weaker class of golfers than say 30 years or so ago. Today, the ball & clubs are so good that if you have any have way decent hand-eye you can play good golf. There are good players, but most are pathetic around the greens and don’t seem to have the ability to Win the tournament.

APRIL UPDATE BY KG: Quick note on something I said that I didn’t explain properly. I do believe there are more talented golfers depth wise than 10-20-30 some years ago, but just not enough they have learned to win. However, I think Martin Kaymer is gonna be a stud. Also, most know I’m not a huge Phil fan, but writers and people need to start to give him credit for a seriously great career. He will end up with 40 plus wins with majors. Now will people say Players career is better or Phils?

I’ve bowled three 300 games and finished my last 2-legged league with a 220 average – that’s serious H&E. My pool game is better than most, and my ping pong is studly. My point is, I’m good at games that require H&E and golf is that. I truly think that there are many PGA pros with that level of H&E, but many don’t – they’re good with a not-so-studly H&E, and that’s because the ball & clubs are just so good. Enough of this babble of no sense. Which I have none…

I was going to tell you about my 5 most creative shots off the golf course. Hotel rooms, main streets, Japanese hotels, and home. Not sure if I have enough space to finish this off, so I’m gonna go in pieces.  Tonight I’ll start with the HOTELS…

1) HAWAII – I’m on the 30th floor and there happens to be a hotel across the road that was a little shorter. They had their pool on the top of their roof. Well, it was obvious what we had to do. I can’t mention my partner as I want him to be free. Anyway, the first shots with our 6-iron were harder than we thought – we never hit the pool. The next night we went at it again. Two shots again – 4 misses and two pissed off golfers. The 3rd we thought we had a perfect plan. Instead of the punch 6-iron, which we couldn’t control, we went with 8 and just let it go. Four shots, two went in – we quit.

2) ORLANDO – Disney World. Four of us were involved in a heated game of gin. My partner and I were just slapping them silly.  They needed a break to go get a bit more liquid libation. While they were gone, I was jumping on the bed like a kid on the pc juice. So I tell my partner that if he opened the door to the slider halfway open, I would take a shot and put it into the tent besides the 10th tee – it’s about 175 yards out.  He says I will give you 10 to one. I foolishly say I’m in for a 100.   So, now I’m on this bed which is way too soft and I’m struggling to get some balance. I finally get set and know that I’m gonna have to hit this low hard hook that about 150 and maybe roll it in, or simply try to fly it in. I went with the just hit it theory. One swing of absolute pureness. I got it out of the room without contact, and then we both watched as the ball slammed out of there and then started to turn left and it just went straight into the tent. Forking awesome dude. He did pay, but asked not to mention this. This story stayed quiet for many years before he said, let your friends know.

On to some double-good news.  First, my head is quite a bit better, which makes my daily duties of gardening, sex slave, and rat patrol easier. This is a 2-day run and I hope it continues.

The other is that Liberty Mutual has given me my first sponsor exemption, and I’m just really pumped up. So I say, thank you so very much.  Last year I was a little foggy and not sure I was there, if you know what I mean. This year I look forward to talking with anyone who wants to ask me any questions. Calc has already said he will be making 22 birdies, so if I can manage 8 birdies we should be able to win this puppy.

[ Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf

Mon. Apr 18 – Sun. Apr 24, 2011

Savannah Harbor Resort and Spa · Savannah, GA

http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/s504 ]

Oh, I once hit a drive in the front yard of a house where the backyard faced the hole. Bermuda Dunes at the Hope 15th hole, a mere 75 yards off line.  Pathetic!

Zoeller vs Pavin.  Love vs LNelson.   Lehman vs  Daly.   Couples vs Strange.    Duval vs Calc.  

One more day of no headaches, and now I can’t stop eating. Damn I was starting to look appetizing!

I’ve rattled on too much, so if you’re interested in hearing any more hotel & others shots just let me know – I’ve got a few more classics.

Take care my friends,


3 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #97 – 4/5/11 1:52am (2 Classic Hotel Shots; Savannah Looms)”

  1. N.G.Simon says:

    heard about those between the sliding doors shots to the greens and found it amazing the shot control!! More tales,please!

  2. Brenda Roberts says:

    Yes, more hotel & other shots please.

  3. Dick Cote says:

    Hi Ken ALWAYS glad to see new posts and catch up on your news.Really enjoyed the “greatest shots” so yes please keep ‘em coming. Great news about the headaches!!!!

    Dick Cote

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