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KG’s Blog Post #98 – 4/9/11 12:16pm (Pick out The Lies!)

I was so damn excited that the gang of liars saved the gov’t from shutting down – I slept less than an hour. So, I thought I should give you some lies, and you can determine if they are lies like a republican or lies like a democrat. Then again, there might be some so far out there that they might be considered Bill Maher specials. Good luck, and I hope that anyone has the powers of perception to pick them all right. I will just lie to you even if you were right.

1- I once fooled around on my ex with a hottie in South Africa

2- I once had a judge tell me I needed to get a real job

3- I’ve had a hole-in-one on 4 continents

4- I told the VP at a Ryder Cup dinner that his wife is far prettier than I thought

5- My dream foursome is Tim Funchump, Bean Demon, Rigger Foods

6- I’m considering running for mayor of the United States

7- I once went to DC to attend the Cherry Blossom Parade

8- I was once told by my Dad that every time I lied my pecker would shrink one centimeter – I’ve lost more than my leg

9- I’m writing a book on my escapades

10- I left Seve out of the best short games because he’s from Spain and I don’t count that

11- I think Colin Mountagump is underrated

12- I once had a judge tell me I need to go flip burgers

13- I grew up dreaming of Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched, not the York guy

14- Peter just called and told me my set up was damn good but I had to much tension in upper body which did not allow me to get a proper release, so I need to hit balls with my feet

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together and just feel the club head thru the ball, softly like playing with breasts he said

15- I thank the Lord that Harry Reid’s girls will now be able to get their tests done at Planned parenthood

16- I wish you all a 3-putt today followed by a toss of the putter in the nearest pond

17- I have putters that are still drowning at Pebble Beach, Houston, Hartford, Miami, Japan, Jacksonville, Toronto, and truth be told many more places

OK, which ones are lies?


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

…ALL TRUE except: #3/Hole1-4Conts, #5/Dream4some, #6/MayorUS, #7/CherryPar, #9/book, #11/Monte, #15/HReid,
……PS: #8/100% sure TRUE, but need KG to submit photo proof on Blog.

…ALL TRUE except: #1/SAhottie, #3/Hole1-4Conts
……PS: #8/100% sure TRUE, but need KG to submit photo proof on Blog.

… ALL TRUE except: #5/Dream4some, #11/Monte
……PS: #8/100% sure TRUE, but need KG to submit photo proof on Blog.

… ALL TRUE except: #1/SAhottie, #5/Dream4some(would actually have Col.Gaddy in it), #6/MayorUS, #11/Monte
……PS: #8/100% sure TRUE, but need KG to submit photo proof on Blog.

5 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #98 – 4/9/11 12:16pm (Pick out The Lies!)”

  1. Hanne says:

    I’m with Ertz!!!

  2. Ertz says:

    All true but 5 and 11. See ya Tues.

  3. Vee says:

    Get ready to play with Calc, and forget this ” bullshit”

  4. Dick Cote says:

    Ken They’re ALL true?

  5. Jim Curley says:

    Ken…1 and 3 are lies. The rest are true.

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