Video Replay of GolfCh. Series on KG

“Ken Green: His Long Road Back to Golf”
…Aired on The Golf Channel Nov-2-3-4 2009.
Golf Central’s Rich Lerner chronicles Ken Green’s journey back to golf after the accident that changed his life forever.

Also on YouTube: (8:25)

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  1. Todd Blosser says:

    Hello Ken, I just watched your video, Great stuff! I’m a above the knee right leg amputee and play golf, The nice thing is you have your knee so it won’t be as hard to get your swing back. Like you mentioned in the video. I use to stand on a Bapps Ball and swing weighted clubs to get the weight transfer down side to side. You have great people around you and a good dog, It’s amazing what a dog can do for the spirt. I’m still trying to get down to West Palm on the 23rd for your tournament to meet you and your friends. Keep doing what your doing and you can get there and compete again. You have a great day.

    Todd Blosser
    Amputee for 5 years

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