Calcavecchia and Black to Recruit

Two of Ken Green’s best friends, Mark Calcavecchia and Ronnie Black, are on board and working hard to ensure that a great field of PGA and Champions Tour players join us at the Friends of Green Benefit Golf Tournament at Ridgewood.

If you want to be part of the action, be sure to sign up for the September 28th event.

One Response to “Calcavecchia and Black to Recruit”

  1. Chad Hatsma says:

    Just want to provide encouragement to Ken in his quest. As my personal finances recover I would like in the future to someway contribute.

    I’ve followed golf for 50 years and have always quietly rooted for Ken. I hope you have future fundraisers/tournaments at which I can not so quietly root for Ken.

    Best Wishes. Sinerely


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