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KG to play Champs/Dick’sOpen June25-27 (Endicott NY)

KG to play Champs/Dick’sOpen June25-27 (Endicott NY)

June 25-27, Dick’s Sporting Goods Open
En-Joie GC, Endicott, NY

KG off at 11:53am tomorrow (Friday) at Dick’s Open, Endicott NY
11:42am James Mason, Jim Colbert, Jim Dent
11:53am Ken Green, Gene Jones, Bill Glasson
12:04pm Tommy Armour III, Ronnie Black, Craig Stadler

…while buddy Mark Calcavecchia makes his Champions Tour debut!!
…Mark goes off at 1:32pm with John Cook and Fred Funk.

Go Ken & Mark – - Battle it out for The WIN!

Follow the Dick’s Open here:  http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/s008


“Green struggles with 78 in Round1 at Dick’s Sporting Goods Open”
June 25, 2010 4:15pm by Chris Elsberry, CT-News
It started so well. A bogey at 2 and a birdie at 12 and heading to 13, Danbury’s Ken Green was at even-par and playing well in the opening round of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open Friday in Endicott, N.Y.
Sadly, after that, the wheels fell off.
Green double bogeyed 13 and then bogeyed 15, 16, 17 and 18 to finish with a 78 — shooting a 40 on the back nine.
Hopefully, it was just some poor shots and not leg pain from the prosthetic that had Green struggling on the back side.

Dick’s Round One,
I am trying to swallow my anger pills 5 hours later.  I still have immense anger and frustration from day1 at Dick’s at En-Joie. To be this angry 5 hours later is actually a good sign that my competitor juices are still intact.  After chipping in on #12 to get back to even par, I managed to play my last 6 holes in 6 over. It sounds strange but I actually did not hit it that bad. I putted the ball like a hippo on Valium. I have to relax and not try so hard on my putts. The old “the harder you try the worse you putt theory” was in full bloom!  I have one small correction to make in the swing and if I can accomplish that along with just relaxing on the greens, I still believe I can shoot under par one of the last 2 rounds. So this hippo must take a warm bath and relax for tomorrow is a new battle.
I will keep you posted, be good and take care.

11:35am Ken Green, Ted, Schulz, Jim Dent
“Ken Green rebounds with 74 in Round2 at Dick’s Sporting Goods Open”
June 26, 2010 4:16pm by Chris Elsberry, CT News
Never count a fighter out. After a disappointing 78 in Friday’s first round of the Champions Tour Dick’s Sporting Goods Open, Danbury’s Ken Green rebounded with a solid 2-over 74 that included a 1-under 36 on the first nine (Green’s second nine of the day).  Starting on the back nine, Green opened with 4 pars before bogeys at 14, 17 and 18 saw him make the turn at 3-over 38. But he rallied with 8 pars and a lone bird at 5 that put him at 8-over for the tournament heading into Sunday’s final round.

- – - – - – - – - – - -
Friend Jack Garamella on KG’s Rnd2 74 at Dick’s/Endicott
From: Jack Garamella  Sunday, June 27, 2010 1:38PM
Subj: Ken’s 2nd Round at Endicott

I had the privilege and I mean that sincerely of walking with KG during round 2 at Endicott. I am writing this with tears of frustration in my eyes because I have just learned that Ken had to withdraw and not play the 3rd round. Pass this on to all – our man is going to make it. There is zero doubt on this point. Let me give you a synopsis of what I saw.

For anyone who has not been to the BC Open or to the Dick’s Sporting Goods events – they are precious. They are conducted on a well groomed course that was built in the 20’s for the employees of the Endicott-Johnson Company.  Gently rolling and listed at 6,975, the course plays every bit of that with the added attraction of tree lined fairways and multiple ponds that come into play. The people are thrilled to have the Champions Tour and thank everyone for attending. Parking next to the course is $5 as is a Grilled Chicken Spiedie that is tasty and does not lack in the chicken department. How can a fan go wrong?

After his frustrating round one, which he described to me as being off by inches, not feet, KG had a sleepless night because of the electric pain that simply will not subside. When I saw him on the putting green before the round, his face was beet red and he looked exhausted. So much so that I blurted out, “What’s with you?” He explained that he slept 5 minutes all night and was going to try to figure out how to get it done in the 20 minutes that he had left til tee time. At first his putting was very shaky. But he was determined and just before he picked ‘em up to head for the tee, he seemed to have the stroke under control. He introduced me to Jamie & Joe, 2 members with whom he had played in the Pro-Am on Wednesday. They were now Ken Green disciples. They loved the man.

The first thing that was obvious was the KG has progressed from those initial 230 yard drives, when he first got back to playing, to serious 275 yard (on level holes) boomers that kept him in position on most holes. The fairways were narrow. He hit only one tee-ball that missed the fairway on the fly – and that one not by a lot. He did continue to suffer the “2 inch” curse in that a few balls ran, after hitting well on the fairway, into the 2nd cut literally by 2 inches. But just enough to make the 2nd shot one that was difficult to control out of the rough. So his drives were definitely in the “Good” category  for distance & placement. When he needed to turn it over to get a little more length, he did so.

The irons were more of a problem. He has trouble hitting down on the ball as much as the other pros which results in balls that run out too much. He was past the pin more frequently than not, again suffering from the “2 inch” curse in that the ball would run through the 4 foot collar and end up 2 inches into the heavy stuff that surrounded the collar. Again that made it tough to knock it in if he was close or control the distance if he was not. The lack of spin also put him at the mercy of the slopes of the green in that the ball would land where it was supposed to and instead of taking one hop and then stopping it would trickle off to the side or back to the front, again ending up just 2 inches into the heavy rough despite hitting within a short distance of the pin. This problem was the cause of 2 of the 3 bogeys on his 1st nine. On the 3rd one, he was blocked by a large tree on a very short par 4 dogleg right. He flew the tree but missed the green by 3 feet and was thrown down an embankment on the short side.

As the round progressed, he got more and more confident with the flat stick. At first he was blowing the ball by the hole 4-5 feet. Mercifully he was making the comebackers which clearly gave him confidence both on the green and for the rest of his game. No lip outs, but several putts which scared the hole and just slid by. On the back side with the poa greens growing as they do, he left 2 birdie attempts 2 or 3 inches short dead on line. So the putting is in the “he knows that this is one of his strengths” category.

What was inspirational was his intestinal fortitude. At least 3 times he stopped in mid-swing (a la Tiger) because he got zapped by a thunderbolt of pain. He walked away, regrouped and hit an excellent shot each time. The fans were extremely appreciative. They gave him a warm round of applause no matter what he did. On the 9th and the 18th, where all the tents and boxes surrounded the green he got well deserved ovations.

The man is on the cusp of scoring the way he wants to. If he can find the cause of the multiple electrocutions that he has to suffer during each round, he will be able to work on his game, particularly when the ball is well below his feet or when he has an awkward stance, so that he can overcome the bad bounces that inevitably occur when you play this crazy game. His 1-under on the longer front side (which was his back side as he started on 10) despite being fall-down tired and in obvious pain made one proud to be a Ken Green supporter. The good humor with which he answered questions posed by the gallery and his patience in giving autographs until the last person who wanted one, left everyone with smiles. Sadly today he could not overcome the pain. I am positive that he will find the medical answer and then perform at a level that will make us all proud. I remind myself that this very week just 1 year ago, I was with Ken in the University of Mississippi Medical Center, calling for a refill the moment his morphine drip ran out. I watched as the doctor removed glass from his eyelid 3.5 weeks after the accident because he was in such pain that it was only then that he felt it. At that point he did not even know the extent of the damage to his left ankle because the right leg screamed day and night. So to be competing at the highest level just 1 year later is a testament to his will, his love of the game, his willingness to put up with mind-numbing pain to do what he was born to do.

KEN, THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORT. You are on a new journey in your life that I and all your friends are humbled to share with you. We salute you.

With admiration and love,

11:25am Bob Ford, Ken Green  => “Ken Green, who shot a 2-over 74 on Saturday as he adjusts to the game wearing a prosthetic device on his lower right leg, withdrew Sunday morning because of pain and said he would not play next week in Montreal.”
- – - – - – - – - – - - - – -
KG’s Blog Post #66 – 6/27/10 4:49pm (nerve pain too much)

Dick’s Titanic,

My 2nd round, 74, was  so very close to breaking par. A few bad breaks, lies, and a not so good putter, c0st me the goal of going under par.  I was eagerly awaiting the 3rd round as I really thought I could go under par.

However, my friend, mister nerves struck pretty hard throughout the night. This was the 2nd. night in a row, that I had to fight my “friend”. Upon waking this morning, I realized that the body had had too much.  I was convinced by friends not to play today.

I do believe it was the right decision. Sadly I will not be going to Montreal; instead it is my hope that I will be seeing a neurologist this week. Reality has struck, and I know that until we solve this dilemma, I will never know whether I can become a professional golfer again. The inability to do things on a daily basis that you have to do to improve your game, just aren’t being done at the moment. So, with that said it is time for me to jump ship from competitive golf until my nerve problems are resolved.

My pride and competitive spirit, just do not want to handle the playing for show, disabled rights and the spirit of golf. I don’t want to be held responsible for anything I say in this moment as I am writing this with sadness and tears, so I may not be of sound mind.

I will certainly keep you posted as of what happens when I see the new neurologist. Please remember there WERE people that survived the Titanic and the RV. I will fight on.

Be good and be well,

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = ARTICLES:
6-23-10: “Dick’s Open features Historical Comeback Story: Ken Green”
VIDEO report by Mark Larson, Syracuse YNN News
“This week’s Dick’s Sporting Goods Open features one of the greatest comeback stories in the history of sports. One year after losing part of his leg in an RV accident. Ken Green is going for the greens again and as Mark Larson found out he’s savoring every step along the way.”

= = = = = = = = = = =
6-24-10 (Golf.com): “Calcavecchia Ready for Champions Tour Debut”

ENDICOTT, N.Y. (AP) — Mark Calcavecchia remembers the good old days, when he was a threat to win almost every time out on the PGA Tour. . .

. . .When play begins, all eyes are likely to be trained on Ken Green, who will be making just his second start in a stroke-play event since a tragic crash a year ago. 

Last June, after playing a tournament in Texas, Green’s RV blew a tire on a Mississippi highway and careened into an oak tree. His girlfriend and brother were killed in the crash, as was Nip, his beloved German shepherd.  Green opted to have his lower right leg amputated a week later and replaced with a prosthetic because it was his only hope of playing golf again.  Then another setback. In January, Green’s son was found dead in his college dorm room.

Green persevered and made his return to the game at the Legends of Golf, a 2-man team event in April. He followed that by playing the Regions Charity Classic in mid-May at Ross Bridge, the longest course on the Champions Tour, and finished 73rd in the 77-player field.

Lonnie Nielsen (2009 winnder of Dick’s Open) marvels at Green’s grit. “He’s an inspiration for everybody. I can’t imagine even getting out of bed with what he’s had to go through,” Nielsen said. “I saw him walking up the steps after he played at the Legends, and it was all he could do. If there wouldn’t have been a railing, there was no chance he could have gotten into that clubhouse. I know how much pain he’s in. You can just tell it by watching him walk around, but he’s gone out and played some pretty respectable golf.”

The En-Joie Golf Club course is a 7,034-yard layout with narrow fairways and short par-5s. It should be easier for Green to traverse. “I think he was a little worried at first that he wasn’t going to be competitive,” tournament director John Karedes said. “But the other players made him feel right at home. This is a course that’s flat, isn’t the longest. I think Ken will be able to play well. I certainly hope so.”

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