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KG CT-Open July26-28 – Pain forces WD after Rnd1 74

KG CT-Open July26-28 – Pain forces WD after Rnd1 74

KG”s Blog #71 discusses his having to WD from the CT-Open…
KG’s Blog Post #71 – 7/29/10 12:41pm (“I gave it a try and played pretty well”)
Road Still Bumpy,
Ouch says the one legged fat guy from Ct.  I gave it a try and played pretty well considering how longs it’s been since I”ve done anything. A 74 would”ve been a lot better if I didn”t have 3 monster lip outs – I”ve forgotten how bad those piss you off when they happen.  I simply could not play the next day.  I”m trying hard to be patient with the kryo blast procedure, so I”ll just wait it out. Today is not so bad.  Yesterday might have been my worst day ever for pain, so how does one figure this stuff out?  I”ll be heading back to see my Mr. Munch on Monday and just wait it out with him as to what I do next.
Swing hard,

5-7-10: “Ken Green Is Scheduled To Play in Connecticut Open July 26-28”
By Tom Yantz, The Hartford Courant
The CSGA just announced in a press release that Ken Green, a native of Danbury, will play in the Connecticut Open July 26-28 at the Country Club of Fairfield. Green, who currently is playing with a lower right leg prosthesis, won the championship in 1985 and “92. The CSGA also overwhelmingly agreed to grant him a medical exemption to use a cart for this year”s Connecticut Open.

CSGA link:
76th Connecticut Open Championship
July 26-28 2010, Country Club of Fairfield

= = = = = = = = = = = = = GREAT ARTICLE – with VIDEO & PHOTO GALLERY!!!
7-26-10: “Golfer Ken Green Plays Through The Pain”
By Tom Yantz, The Hartford Courant, *Includes VIDEO*

FAIRFIELD, Ken Green stopped in the middle of his backswing Monday on the third tee at the Country Club of Fairfield. He bent over at the waist and grimaced.

“The best way I can describe this nerve pain to someone who is not an amputee is to think about sticking a finger in a socket,” said Green, who wears a lower right leg prosthesis. “It”s a quick electric shock. Well, mine is 5 minutes, 10 or one hour. I can”t tell you how bad. I sit there sometimes and just cry.”

Green”s pain was at a somewhat tolerable level in the first round of the Connecticut Open.  A 5-time winner on the PGA Tour, Green shot a 4-over-par 74 and is tied for 49th. He beat more than 70 able-bodied players.

“I”m encouraged,” said Green, 52, a Danbury native who won Connecticut Open in 1985 and “92.

PHOTO GALLERY: “Pictures: Ken Green Through The Years” (Hartford Courant)

The pain in his amputated leg can strike at any time — on the golf course, in his living room, anywhere. At least four times Monday, the pain appeared to be severe.  But he never retreated. On the third hole (his 12th after starting at No. 10), he gathered himself, took the driver back and hit his tee shot down the middle of the fairway.

Green played with 3-time champion Kyle Gallo, the 1st-round leader after a 65, and Steve Sokol, the 2003 champion.  “I was amazed at some of the shots Ken hit,” Gallo said. “I mean, for someone with two legs they were tough shots and he made them.”

Green has had nerve complications in his right leg since an SUV accident in Mississippi last June, when he was on his way to a Champions Tour event. The crash killed his brother, girlfriend and dog.  In January, his son Hunter was found dead in his dormitory room at Southern Methodist University. An autopsy revealed an accidental drug overdose.

“The game is so hard,” Gallo said. “But to see him come out here …He has got to be in pain. Not only what he has gone through, but also just playing. “

Green, who lives in West Palm Beach, Fla., was in good spirits during most of the round and hit many quality shots. He missed three eight-foot birdie putts on his first nine holes but seldom missed the fairway with his driver.

His one birdie came at the par-5 first, where he made a 4-foot putt.

Green and caddie Greg Belger of Danbury rode in an electric cart. Green had been granted permission to use the cart because of his medical condition upon his request to the Connecticut State Golf Association a few months ago.  He didn”t know he was going to play until Sunday, when he said he took 5 practice swings at a friend”s house in Danbury. He said he”d do “everything I could to play in the Open.”

Green played in the Dick”s Sporting Goods Open, a Champions Tour event June 25-27 in Endicott, N.Y., but had to withdraw after rounds of 78 and 74.  “Too much pain,” he said Monday. “I”ve only played parts of 2 rounds since.”

Last week, he underwent one medical procedure in Mount Kisco, N.Y., and another in Danbury in an attempt to free him of his pain.  “They stuck me with something — I call it Freon, minus 100 degrees — in my leg to try to kill one nerve that has curled up,” he said. “They stuck me with two big needles.”  He held his hands 6 inches apart.  He said if this procedure doesn”t work within the next two weeks, the next option is to “slice me open and cut it out.”

Green doesn”t wallow in pity or misery.  “I haven”t played here in 20 or so years,” Green said before the round, looking out over the majestic view of the links-style course with Long Island Sound as a backdrop. “It”s breathtaking.”  After the round, he said, “Being out here and just playing is just an automatic high.”

Green, Gallo and Sokol are scheduled to tee off at 8:10 this morning at the first tee. The top 40 players and ties today advance to the final round of the 54-hole tournament Wednesday.  Green hopes to least play today.  “The odds of me playing 3 days in a row are slim,” he said because of the anticipated pain. “I go one day at a time. For me, it”s one hour at a time.”

Gallo said he was inspired every minute he played with Green on Monday.  “His score doesn”t matter,” Gallo said. “I told him you”re my hero.”  Gallo bowed his head for a few seconds and said, “I”ll remember this day and playing with him for the rest of my life.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
For example, HERE’s ANOTHER Great Article, with VIDEO of KG Tee-shot:
7-27-10: “Course a peaceful respite for Green (video)”
By Dave Solomon, New Haven Register

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =KG Shoots 74 in Rnd1 – Pain force WD…

7-27-10: “Green Plays Through Pain, But For How Long?”
((( Great article - includes Photo Galley of 5 pictures of KG playing CT-Open)))
By Chris Elsberry, CT-Post Sports Writer

FAIRFIELD CT: The only way Ken Green could try and describe it was like taking your finger and sticking it into a light socket. That instant stab of pain as the shock of the electricity surges up your arm. That one second of pure agony before your brain sends an emergency signal and you pull your finger out.  Only Green can”t pull his finger out when the pain gets to be too much. This pain is in his leg, an amputated stump of a leg, and when it starts, all Green can do is try to bear it as best he can.

And there were many days, early on, when Green gritted his teeth and did his best to shut that pain out of his mind. Playing golf again, that was the driving force. He needed to get back on the course again. Not just for himself but for his brother Billy, his girlfriend Jeannie and his dog Nip. It”s been just over a year since they died in that RV accident that took the lower half of Green”s right leg and that pain in his leg is a constant reminder of their lost lives.

And he has been back on the course again. Playing the Champions Tour. It has been an amazing story, an incredible tale of determination and despair. Of tragedy and triumph. Only Green knows just how horrible it all has been.

Stick your finger into a light socket, he says. Then magnify that by a thousand.

You know how you get that electric shock for a second, this is like having that or five to 10 minutes at a time up to an hour. It”s just kills you,” he said. “I can”t tell you how many times I just sit there and cry. It”s awful.”

As Green sat in the open hatchback of his SUV early Monday afternoon, tears welled in his eyes. It still hurts to talk about how bad the pain is. He was in the parking lot at the Country Club of Fairfield, preparing to play in the 76th Connecticut Open. He survived the first day, shooting a respectable 4-over 74. But he isn”t sure if he”ll be back for the second round today.

That all depends on the pain.

“I just don”t know,” he said. “The leg will go nuts tonight if it follows the same pattern that it”s been doing. I”m certainly going to try (and play). I just have to wait, there”s no other way I can figure it out.”

Just over a week ago, Green had two separate procedures done to try and freeze the nerves in the stump of his amputated right leg. It”s called a cryoblast and if it”s successful, it could mean a lot less pain for Green.

“If it”s successful and I don”t have the pain then I can go see if I can be normal, whereas previously, every other minute was a mystery as to what I could do,” he said. “At least now, if it works and I have no pain then I can go see, `Can I play golf again?”. Plus, to be pain free …

Green closed his eyes, paused and took a deep breath, obviously thinking of what that might be like.

“Every day, the pain is a nightmare. It wears you down mentally. Someone told me, when you”re tortured enough, you will eventually crack. That”s what this is doing. It”s slowly wearing me down. It”s amazing how it drains your energy because there”s only so much pain the body can take.”

And Green is getting closer to the point where playing competitive golf again is not nearly as important as ending the pain.

Quite frankly, that”s my main goal right now, to get rid of the pain,” Green said. “It used to be `I want to play golf again” but I”ve gotten to the point where I just want the pain gone. I never thought I”d say this but if someone told me you could either get rid of the pain but not play golf I would say fine. It”s just worn me down too much.”

So just over a week ago, Green went to Mt. Kisko (N.Y.) Hospital and had the first cryoblast procedure. Then a few days later at Danbury Hospital, he had a second. Doctors injected several needles into the stump with a substance chilled down to minus-100 degrees, which deaden and freeze the nerves, hopefully eliminating the pain.

If the procedure works, that is.

“It”s pot luck. I don”t know if it will help. It could be days, it could be two or three weeks before I know,” he said. “But it was something that had to get done.”

Coming back to the Connecticut Open was also something that Green — a two-time winner in 1985 and 1992 — had to do.

“I debated what I was going to do. Clearly, I”m not even close to being physically able to … because the procedure still needs a few more days. But it”s that love, telling you to go do it,” he said. “It”s good news, bad news. I”m glad to see everyone again but then there”s that part of me that says, `Should you be here?” Are you doing the right thing?  For a person who didn”t really care a whole lot about necessarily what other people thought, I seem to be leery of it now because everyone”s told me not to worry. It doesn”t matter what you shoot because you”re out there fighting. I”ve got to get it through my brain that I”m not hurting golf or me or anything by doing this.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
7-27-10: “Ken Green withdraws from Connecticut Open”
By Danbury News-Times Staff

Citing unbearable pain in his amputated leg, Ken Green withdrew from the 76th Connecticut Open Tuesday morning.  The Danbury native, who was making his first appearance at the tournament since the car accident that took the lower half of his right leg, had just shot a first-round 74, better than half the field.

But Green said he played through excruciating pain from his leg, which had gone through two procedures last week in an attempt to freeze the nerves at the stump, and doubted if he”d continue.

By Tuesday morning it was clear he couldn”t continue.

The pain was too much. It was unfortunately just too much for me to handle,” Green said Tuesday afternoon. “I wasn”t able to get up and move around. The leg just went nuts and it was too hard to even put the prosthetic on.”

Late Monday night, Green informed CSGA Director Malcom McLachlan via text message that if he wasn”t at the Country Club of Fairfield by 7:30am, he wouldn”t be playing the 2nd round.  Green did not appear for his 8:10 a.m. start with leader Kyle Gallo and Steve Sokol, who proceeded as a twosome.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
7-27-10: “Ken Green WDs from CT Open; Gallo extends lead”
By Bruce Berlet, CTGolfer.com
Great news Monday. Sad news Tuesday.  Danbury native Ken Green had to withdraw from the CT Open because of pain in his right leg, which was amputated from the knee down after a horrific RV accident about 14 months ago that claimed the lives of his girlfriend, brother and dog.  “The pain was too much,” Green said when reached where he”s staying in Danbury. “It was unfortunately too much to handle. I wasn”t able to get up and move around. The nerve endings went ballistic (Monday) night, and my leg swelled up so bad (Tuesday) morning that I couldn”t get my prothesic on.“  Despite missing several makeable putts Monday, Green shot a 4-over-par 74 in the first round at the CC Fairfield and was tied for 49th. The low 40 and ties after Tuesday”s second round advance to the final 18 holes Wednesday.

But Green, a 2-time winner who was low pro in another State Open, grimaced several times after shots, indicating just how much pain he was in despite two special treatments last week to try to freeze nerves in his leg.  “I guess it was too much too soon after the treatments, but that”s my world now,” Green said. “I played (Monday) because I wanted to play. Connecticut and the Connecticut Open have always meant so much to me, so I really wanted to give it a try.  But now I have to get healthy. If the treatments work, I can get back to playing again this year. But the pain is wearing me down. I”ve got to get better, then golf will be easy.

Green plans to return to his home in West Palm Beach, Fla., in a week, then return to Connecticut in Sept. & October.  Green was scheduled to start at 8:10am on the 1st tee with leader Kyle Gallo and 2003 champ Steve Sokol.

Bruce Berlet’s Blog: http://www.ctgolfer.com/blogs/bruce_berlet 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
7-28-10: “More frustration for Ken Green after his WD at CT Open”

Like most, I tend to root for the underdog in certain sports situations. Ken Green would definitely qualify as an underdog worth rooting for — when he has the energy to play in a golf tournament. Most golf fans know Green’s story, and how he recently made a comeback to the sport after a horrific RV accident that saw him lose some of the most important people in his life, as well as part of his right leg.

It’s hard not to want to see Green shine once more. After a couple of struggles with his game and the searing pain of having to get around a golf course with his prosthetic leg, Green hit his biggest rough patch in his comeback this past week, when he had to withdraw from the Connecticut Open.

As Tom Yantz of the Hartford Courant noted in his article, Green just couldn’t handle the pain in his right leg during the event, forcing him to withdraw after firing a 4-over-par 74 in the opening round.

“It was just too much for me to handle,” Green said during a phone interview with Yantz. “I just wasn’t able to get up and move around. The leg just went nuts, and it was too hard to even put the prosthetic on.”  Even though the pain has become unbearable at times, that hasn’t kept Green from holding out hope for a return to the course later this year.

“My hope is to play again [this year], but I’m not real confident it’ll happen. Hopefully, the procedure [to freeze a nerve in his leg] worked, and then we’ll have to continue on.  I have to get rid of the pain, and then we can go fight the battle and play golf at the level that I want to play. My belief and my hope is that I can. And I’m going to go with that belief until I’m proven otherwise.”

= = = = = = =
7-28-10: “Green withdraws from Connecticut Open”
FAIRFIELD Ken Green withdrew before the second round of the Connecticut Open because his right leg swelled up overnight, and he was unable to walk, let alone play golf.


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