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Participants in the Sept.28 Pro-AM: Pls. Share your Experience!

If you participated in The Friends of Ken Green Benefit Pro-AM at Ridgewood C.C. on Sept. 28, 2009, this is a perfect place to share tidbits or stories about your experience that day.  Much appreciated…

4 Responses to “Participants in the Sept.28 Pro-AM: Pls. Share your Experience!”

  1. Vee says:

    Col. I am very upset that there were not more pictures of Package at the Danbury tournament. He must have left early.

  2. package says:

    As everyone can see from the large number of articles in various newspapers and TV’s Golf Channel the tournament was a huge success.
    First, I would like to say thank you to Mike, Greg and Gary for all your time and effort organizing a GREAT tournament – Great job. Thank you to the PGA Players for your support and time with the amateurs. I think all of you increased your fan support here and I wish each of you a very successful future. Thank you to all the volunteers for your time assisting folks with everything from finding errant tee shots – one or two of mine – to assisting with golf bags. Thank you Ridgewood CC and thank you Mr. Geambazi. Great place to play.
    Finally, I would like to say to Ken, we love ya man! You will play professional golf again, and every one of us will be there to clap and cheer you coming down 18.
    Good luck with the new dog – named Package (maybe), stay healthy and keep working at it.
    Your friend,
    Alan Petrucci (aka Package)

  3. Bob Carbone, Danbury, CT says:

    It is hard to put into words what I experienced as a volunteer for Kenny’s day at Ridgewood.
    Here is an attempt.

    I arrived at 7am to get ready to help the players load their clubs onto their pre-assigned carts. At least twelve other volunteers would be there, including Joe LaCava (Fred Couples caddie). Joe was so humble, he just wanted to help. Around 8am as I was coming back from the sign-in area, I ran into Kenny as he was walking just past the cart barn to the clubhouse. He was walking by himself, and I was so glad to see him. As I was about to greet him, I noticed how fragile he looked; how alone he appeared; how uncertain he looked about what the day would bring. I shook his hand, told him how much he deserved this day and wished him a great time. He thanked me for volunteering and I told him to have fun.

    As the players started to arrive, I noticed a lot of old friends, including the Judge (Bob Brunetti) who just came off trying to make the match play event at the Senior Amateur in Chicago (missed by two strokes). I heard Watkins state that he can’t play with the young kids anymore; he can shoot 69 on day one but 79 on day two. I helped get the bags onto carts and then was off to the clubhouse for the opening ceremonies. Grabbed some breakfast and mingled with some friends, but most of all I admired all the love being showned to Ken. Went to the practice range on a volunteer cart with Dick Baker (Dan’s father) and watched Fred Funk, Andy Bean, and Brad Bryant hit balls. Tried to slip in and impersonate a pro, but they caught on and threw me off the range. Back to the clubhouse for the opening ceremonies. The gathering for the picture was like trying to hurdle cats. Everyone just wanted to be around Ken. Finally, after a few takes, the picture was taken. I remember thinking how wonderful a group of friends they are, here having fun for one of their own, showing their support and love. But most of all, I felt that they were there because they wanted to be there. That there was no other place in the world that they would rather be than here, along side Kenny, supporting him and showing him that they are here for him and will always be here for him. I remember thinking that I wished I could be a celebrity like them so that I could also give my celebrity status to help Ken.

    I (and Dick Baker) were ball watchers on the 6th fairway. We are proud that we located more balls hit into the leaves on the 6th fairway than we lost. I am also proud that I found six balls hit onto Kohanza street. (Bob Brunetti, I have your ball). I stayed until the last group teed off, and I really enjoyed watching the guys try and hit the green from 300+ yards out. What I really noticed however, was the alignment of their shot from the fairway. The pros always aimed their shot perfectly; body aligned straight to the target. Amateurs were all over the place, aimed left or right of target, never straight; and none of them hit it where they hoped. (Lesson learned).

    On the way back to the clubhouse, I had to stop before the 18th fairway because there was a group on the tee ready to tee off on ther last hole. They seemed to be taking a long time to tee off. After waiting another 10 minutes or so, I inched out onto the fairway to see Fred Funk giving instruction on how to swing the club. I thought of how lucky those guy were to spend a day with such a great golfer and guy.

    The closing ceremonies at the clubhouse were a lifetime to remember. The food was great, my only problem was trying to beat Andy Bean to the buffet table. Boy, did he get big. But you know what, he is a real gentleman. As were all of the Pro’s I met that day. Kenny, you have really nice friends on the tour!!

    The silent auction hosted by David Feherty and Peter Kostis was a class act. David was so great to speak about the Ken we really know and love; and it was nice to hear that Ken is not alone. I remember feeling that the Good Lord always opens a window when a door is closed, and here is David working with those who have lost a limb.

    I wish to thank Gary, Greg and Mike for their hard work. You guys did a great job. Also my friend and pro Bob Geambazi and his staff.

    Kenny, you are so luck to be who you are. God Bless you and thank you for letting me be part of the “The Greatest Comback Ever”.

    Bob Carbone

  4. Vee says:

    As all can see it was a beautiful day (pictures). I’d like to thank Mike Goodman, Greg Begler, and Gary Micheal for putting together a day that we all will never forget, All the friends of Kenny that volunteered to help ( I could name everyone.), Ridgewood C.C. for having the event (We grew up and snuck on the course as kids), and the Professional Players for their support of Ken and their personal charm.(we amateurs love you guys!)
    Kenny… we all know….. “YOU WILL PLAY PROFESSIONAL GOLF AGAIN”. And I can’t wait to tune in to see my (friend), my favorite pro, win another championship.
    Here’s to you my friend,

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